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Safeguarding Food Safety Through Three Tiers of Food Import Management Measures

  • Data Source:Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2022-11-11
  • Last Updated:2022-11-11

In order to ensure the safety of food imported into Taiwan, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) sets control measures to food import.  The food import control measures include three tiers, namely: source control, border inspection and post-market surveillance:

1.For the source control, designated products, such as meat products, fishery products, egg products, dairy products, and so on, are required to undergo systematic inspection prior to access of import. Along with routine inspection, the management conditions of product source are audited.
In addition, through the food alert monitoring mechanism, internationally alerted or suspected products are monitored, which is also one of the measures to strengthen source control.

2.For border inspection, information of the product safety from worldwide, scientific evidences, and inconformity records are taken into consideration while implementing either batch-by-batch, reinforced or regular randomly-selected batch inspection. 

3.Once foreign foods declared the border clearance, TFDA also implements post-market inspection and examination, especially on the products of potentially high risks, high concerns, and high occurrence of inconformity, to stop off inadequate products.

According to Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, import regulations and measures are officially promulgated and revised along with counseling activities to ensure and safeguard our food safety.

TFDA commits its efforts through the three tiers control measures of food import to safeguard the public health relating to food safety.