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New Cosmetics Management System to be Enforced from July 2 021

  • Data Source:Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2021-03-30
  • Last Updated:2021-03-30

In order to fully and thoroughly satisfy the provisions of the Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act, from July 1, 2021, new management systems such as regarding general toothpaste and mouthwash products as cosmetics, notification systems for the general cosmetics, and labeling requirements for cosmetic packaging, containers, labels or leaflets will be implemented to enhance the safety management of cosmetics, improve the product hygiene and safety, and protect the rights and benefits of consumers.

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (Taiwan FDA) has stated that from July 1, 2021, general toothpaste and mouthwash products will be included in the management for cosmetics, and hence, the labeling, ingredients, quality, hygiene and safety, and manufacturing facilities of these products shall comply with regulations for cosmetics. It is expected to enhance the quality, hygiene and safety of general toothpaste and mouthwash products. General cosmetics shall be notified at the “Cosmetic Products Notification Platform System” established by Taiwan FDA prior to their supply, sale, giveaway, public display, or consumer trial offer of cosmetics. It would be helpful for the competent authority to monitor the items and obtain related information on cosmetics available in the domestic market. New regulations for cosmetics labeling provide clear rules for the items of cosmetics labeling, standardization for the display order of ingredients, and the font sizes of items required to be labeled, which could help consumers to identify directly and check the product information and further improve consumer rights.

In addition, to prompt people from all walks of life understand our regulations, Taiwan FDA has released a video titled “The Current and Future Cosmetics Regulations and PIF” on the website named “Medical Device and Cosmetic e-Learning system”. Please visit this website at for more information.