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Future Prospects

  • Data Source:Department of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Created:2021-01-06
  • Last Updated:2021-05-07

    In Taiwan's healthcare system, both Western and Chinese Medicine stand in parallel with each other. Taiwan's National Health Insurance (NHI) has included TCM diagnosis and treatment in its coverage, allowing the public conveniently to choose Chinese Medicine or modern medicine according to personal preferences and healthcare needs. Owing to aging populations and the increasing burden of chronic diseases, traditional medicine has become a global trend in health care worldwide. Although Taiwan is not a member of the WHO, the government has already established a dedicated TCM management authority to promote and devise national management policies and systems for TCM, so that our efforts in management and development of traditional medicine are in line with the strategic goals of the WHO in traditional medicine development.

    In facilitating sustainable developments in Chinese medicine and Chinese pharmacy, and building on an already solid foundation, the Ministry remains committed to the following: creating a Chinese medicine physician specialist system; developing a diversified Chinese medicine medical care model; promoting medical care that integrates Western/Chinese medicine; establishing clinical skills testing centers for Chinese medicine; reinforcing border inspection of imported TCM materials; dynamically amending the abnormal substances limits on TCM materials and products; monitoring TCM quality control in the market; promoting validation among TCM pharmaceutical factories; publishing and dynamically revising the third edition of the Taiwan Herbal Pharmacopeia; facilitating international traditional medicine collaborations. The objective is to keep up with international trends and integrate domestic/foreign resources to provide the public with the most comprehensive medical care services and promotion of health and well-being for all.

    The future development of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy in Taiwan will be based upon the fundamental framework of the Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy Development Act. The Ministry will plan the blueprint for prospective TCM policy development, and promote projects such as the "2020-2024 Chinese Medicine Excellence Development Plan" and the "2021-2025 TCM Quality Optimization and Industry Upgrade Plan" . We will drive advancement in phases toward perfect legislation, systems, and talent training to complement Chinese medicine care services, enhance TCM quality management and industry development, strengthen talent training and R&D efforts TCM, and exert international influences with the unique features of Taiwan's TCM industry. At the same time, we are willing to share our experience with the world and assist nations with traditional medical services to both develop and perfect their own management systems and cultivate traditional medical talents with modernized scientific research and technical capacity.