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Department of Long-Term Care

  • Data Source:Department of Long-Term Care
  • Created:2018-10-19
  • Last Updated:2018-11-01

The population in Taiwan is rapidly aging, leading to a steady increase in the number of people in needs of long-term care (LTC) services. In order to build a comprehensive LTC system, the Executive Yuan approved the “National Ten-year Long-Term Care Plan” (Long-Term Care Plan 1.0) in 2007, actively promoting LTC affairs.

With the aging of the population and with the diversification of demand for care services, Taiwan has been faced with need to provide LTC for growing numbers of people with physical or cognitive disabilities. Taiwan needs to put in place a wide range of integrated services that extend from family support to home care, community care and residential care, along with the establishment of community-based LTC service networks. The Executive Yuan thus approved the “National Ten-year Long-term Care Plan 2.0” (Long-Term Care Plan 2.0) in December, with the aim of meeting the LTC needs of Taiwan’s aging population .

To coordinate the promotion of LTC-related businesses, the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) set up a Preparatory Office of Department of Long-Term Care on December 1, 2017, transferring relevant business and personnel from the Department of Nursing and Health Care and the Social and Family Affairs Administration to integrate LTC affairs.

On September 3, 2018, the MOHW promulgated the amended Regulations for Departmental Affairs (effective on September 5, 2018), establishing the Department of Long-Term Care with four executive divisions charging the following tasks respectively: the planning and promotion of LTC policies, developing LTC systems, and the study of related regulations; the planning, promotion and implementation of LTC personnel training; the planning and promotion of LTC networks and LTC resources in remote areas; and the planning, promotion and implementation of home, community and institutional LTC systems.

For more information on the LTC policies, please refer to the LTC Portal.

Job Description of the Long-Tern Care Department

Division Job Description
Division 1 1. Draft LTC Services Act and relevant regulations
2. Draft LTC Institutions Statute and relevant regulations
3. Supervision and consulting of juridical entities in LTC
4. Drafting and management of the standards for the establishment of LTC institutions.
5. Planning and execution of long-term institutions accreditation
6. Affairs related to the Executive Yuan LTC Promotion Committee.
7. Affairs related to the MOHW LTC Commission.
8. Maintenance and management of the care management system.
9. Other affairs related to the LTC management regulations.
Division 2 1. Promotion and evaluation of the dementia care and prevention policy guidelines.
2. Planning and promotion of community care services for dementia.
3. Planning and promotion of training for dementia care professionals.
4. Operations related to financial management of the LTC services development fund.
5. LTC services development fund budgeting and implementation control.
6. Operations related to awarding practices and guidelines of the LTC resource development.
7. Planning and promotion of LTC 2.0 policy communication and publicity.
8. Planning and management of the LTC Portal webpages.
9. Construction, maintenance and functional enhancement of the 1966 LTC hotline.
Division 3 ​1. Planning and promoting of home care services.
2. Planning and promotion of day care services.
3. Planning and promotion of small-scale, multi-functional services.
4. Planning and promotion of integrated community care service networks.
5. Planning and promotion of home nursing care.
6. Planning and promotion of LTC assistive device purchase and rental, and residential  barrier-free environment improvements.
7. Planning and promotion of transportation services.
8. Planning and promotion of nutrition meals for the elderly.
9. Planning and promotion of family caregiver policies.
10. Planning and promotion of LTC for physical and mental disabilities.
Division 4 1. Measures governing LTC services personnel training, certification continuing education  and  registration and related matters.
2. Planning, promotion and implementation of LTC personnel training and development.
3. Planning, promotion and implementation of the care management system.
4. Review of foreign care worker applications.
5. Promotion and supervision of LTC eligibility and payment criteria for professional care (C code).
6. Promotion and supervision of LTC eligibility and payment criteria for respite care (G code)       (including the planning of employing foreign care workers for home respite care).
7. Promotion and counseling of LTC discharge planning.
8. Planning and promotion of the development of LTC integrated services for the aboriginal.
9. Promotion and management of programs for the prevention and delay of disability.
10. Planning for elderly health research and LTC technologies.