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Department of Personnel

  • Data Source:Department of Personnel
  • Created:2018-01-25
  • Last Updated:2018-10-19

The Department of Personnel is responsible for the personnel management of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (the Ministry) according to the law. The responsibilities are as follows:

Personnel Management Division

1. Handle the organization law, procedures and detailed hierarchical duties of the Ministry

2. Handle the annual budget for personnel management and personnel evaluation of the Ministry and its affiliates

3. Handle the personnel management and executive briefings of the Ministry and its affiliates

4. Handle the control and statistics of temporary workers, contractors, and service contractors of the Ministry and its affiliates

5. Handle the promotion of business of the Ministry and its affiliates entrusted to the private sector

Appointment and Transfer Division

1. Handle the appointment, transfer and assignment of personnel of the Ministry and its affiliates

2. Handle the selection of advisors and the employment of contractors of the Ministry

3. Compile and retain the staff roster of the Ministry

4. Control and regulate every part-time job taken by the Minister, Head of the affiliates and all other staffs of the Ministry

5. Issue the seal of the staff of the Ministry

Assessment and Training Division

1. Resolve and approve the regular assessment, rewards and punishments and performance

2. Promote the personnel training and continuing study of the Ministry and its affiliates

3. Organize and approve the Health and Welfare Award and selection of the civil servant model

4. Manage the attendance and leave of the staff

5. Handle the Gender Equity training

Remuneration and Welfare Division

1. Handle remuneration, living allowances, government employee insurance, and health insurance

2. Resolve and approve retirement, severance, and bereavement compensation

3. Plan and handle assistance programs, welfare, and recreational activities for the staff

4. Organize and handle celebrations and remembrances

5. Register and manage personnel data