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Department of Secretarial Affairs

  • Data Source:Department of Secretarial Affairs
  • Created:2018-01-25
  • Last Updated:2020-04-24

Primary Duties

Responsibilities of the Department of Secretarial Affairs encompass management of official seal/stamp, documentation, archives, cashier, finance, maintenance, procurement, property, office and general affairs.


The Department of Secretarial Affairs is divided into five divisions, and responsibilities of each division are:

●Division 1 (Documentation and Archives)

1. Receive and issue official documents

2. Receive drafts, edit, print and issue official documents

3. Official seal/stamp storage, applications and withdrawals

4. Archives organizing, cataloguing and inventorying

5. Archives requisitions and applications

6. Archives Preservation

●Division 2 (Building Maintenance and Management)

1.Fire safety protection of building

2.Spatial planning and maintenance of building

3. Maintenance of air conditioner and electrical equipment

4. Cleaning and maintenance of building environment.

5. Beautify the building environment.

6.Access control management of building.

7.Meeting rooms and auditorium booking and maintenance of building.

●Division 3 (Procurements)

1. The contracting of construction work, the purchase or lease of property, the retention or employment of services.

2. Supervision to monitor proceeding conducted by the entities.

3. Priority procument of Eco-products and precedence over purchasing production and services by physical and mental disabled welfare institution.

4.Approval of entities procurement

5.Education and training of Government Procurement Act

●Division 4 (Affairs and Property Management)

1. Property and cashier management

2. Janitor management

3. Vehicle management

4. Object management

5. General affairs management

6. General affairs and requests in official documents

7. General budget preparation and execution

●Division 5 (Building Construction Work, Procurement Supervision, and Construction Inspection):

1. New building construction works for Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the following affairs

2. Government Procurement supervision  affairs

3. Public construction inspection affairs

4. Consulting service for questions regarding the Government Procurement Act

5. Procurement dispute settlement


Contact Number of Each Division

Division 1 - Documentation and Archives
Contact Number:
(02)8590-6138(Receive documents)
(02)8590-6518(Issue documents)
Fax: (02)8590-6000

Division 2 - Building Maintenance and Management
Contact Number: (02)8590-6523
Fax: (02)8590-6050

Division 3  - Procurements
Contact Number: (02)8590-6565
Fax: (02)8590-6050

Division 4 - Affairs, Property and Cashier Management
Contact Number:
(02)8590-6583(Administration and Property)
Fax: (02)8590-6050

Division 5 - Building Construction Work, Procurement Supervision, and Construction Surveillance
Contact number: (02)8590-6572
Fax: (02)8590-6050

Procurement Supervision Unit - Procurement Supervision Affairs
Reporting Line: (02)8590-6579
Fax: (02)8590-6050

Construction Supervision Unit - Construction Surveillance Affairs
Direct Line: (02)8590-6591
Fax: (02)8590-6050