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Reiteration of import regulations on capsules and tablets for personal use by the Food and Drug Administration

  • Data Source:Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2017-12-08
  • Last Updated:2017-12-08

With Christmas and Lunar New Year approaching, the number of foodstuffs that the public carries back from abroad or import by mail has gradually increased. Many of such foodstuffs are health supplements in the form of capsules and tablets. Are you clear on the regulations for importing capsules and tablets from abroad? The following paragraphs will help you understand.

Since 1 December 2015, Taiwan has relaxed the restrictions on the quantity of capsules and tablets that can be imported for personal use. If the quantity of the same product does not exceed 12 bottles (boxes, cans, bags) and the total number of products does not exceed 36 bottles (boxes, cans, bags) for a single import, there is no need to apply for inspection with the Food and Drug Administration and the Customs department must approve for release. However, items for personal use that are exempted from import inspection are not to be sold. If these items are sold, the seller will have violated Article 30 of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation and will be punished according to Article 51 of the same Act.  

          The Food and Drug Administration would also like to remind the public that health supplements (capsules, tablets) cannot replace drugs. In the case of any physical discomfort, the public should seek proper medical attention to avoid delaying treatment. Before special populations (such as children, pregnant women, chronic disease patients) consume health supplements, they should seek the advice of physicians, nutritionists, and other professional medical staff. The recommended intake amount, warnings and precautions on the product label should be read before consumption. Do not overdose on the supplement. If any symptoms of discomfort appear after consumption, please immediately stop taking the supplement and seek medical attention as soon as possible.