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Sharing is the Most Moving of Callings – Purple Ribbon Documentary Videos and Awards Ceremony

  • Data Source:Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2015-11-19
  • Last Updated:2017-01-10

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) has created the "Purple Ribbon Award," the international symbol of the anti gender-based violence movement, which is awarded domestically in recognition of meritorious people working in the protection of women, children, the elderly, and the handicapped. In order to share this issue with more people, this year (2015) specially featured the "Purple Ribbon Pulpit" in a TED-style platform with which finalist could tell the story of their actions and give a platform to their deeds and service. Twenty-six finalists gave their empassioned stories, all of which were published on November 20th. The awards ceremony was held at five o'clock that same evening, after a review and final selection by the audience. There, a total of seven awards were given for the following categories: Internet-based, Justice, Education, Health Governance, Local Community Members, Promotion of Creative Groups, and Special Contributions. 

The Purple Ribbon Awards had a total of 62 entries, which was narrowed down to 26 contestants after a multi-level selection process. These stories included a gender-based violence prevention educator who began working on campuses after being influenced by the tragic young rose incident of Ye Yong-zhi, a government worker who strove to provide shelter for battered women for 20 years, a social welfare organization that assisted injured children before entering tribal services, grassroots level officers who helped the lives of others, legal prosecutors that allowed victims not to go another night in tears, and the important promoters in the establishment of a 30 year long family violence and sexual assault prevention system. From every word and sentence said in these speeches, it became clear that this kind of work is one of great responsibility, pressure, and unwavering commitment. As such, their dedication and spirit for such services is worthy of both recognition and commendation. The MOHW stated that in order to increase participation in and subsequent sharing of this event, a special jury made up of nearly 100 professionals and protective service workers from all over Taiwan was established. After watching the nominated videos, they each individually voted to decide who they thought was the most excellent protection services worker, and announced 17 winners of the second Purple Ribbon Awards at five o’clock that same evening. This offered the highest of glories and blessings to the winners, and allowed everyone to bear witness to the forces of good. 

Zhang Xiu-Yuan, Director of the MOHW's Protective Services Division, stated that in order to to have more people understand the multiple facets of protective services, in the future the anti gender-based violence resources website ( will serve as a platform to spread these 26 moving stories to the world. These will serve as role models and increase the acknowledgment for the work of protective services, while simultaneously raising awareness of the connotations of bodily safety and promoting anti-violence beliefs and actions.