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Summary of the Provision of Medical Assistance to the Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion Over the Past Five Months

  • Data Source:Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2015-11-30
  • Last Updated:2017-01-10

The Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion injured 499 victims, giving them severe burns in a short period of time. The average burn coverage of the victims was about 41% of their bodies. There were 260 victims with burns on over 40% of their bodies, 30 of which sustained burns to over 80% of their bodies. According to the statistics released by the National Health Insurance Administration as of November 30, 2015, a total of 28 victims remain hospitalized for treatment. Of which, 2 remain in intensive care units (ICU) with 1 in critical condition. The remaining victims are being discharged periodically. 
Since the occurrence of the event, 52 hospitals have joined in treating burn patients and the provision of healthcare. At present, 28 victims remain hospitalized in 11 hospitals located in 5 counties/cities. Statistics between June and October 2015 show that the National Health Insurance (NHI) payout for this event has amounted to NT$696 million. Of which, NT$687 million was for hospitalization expenses and NT$9.01 million was for outpatient expenses. Between June and September of 2015, the NHI Administration paid out NT $129 million for “out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by the National Health Insurance (incl., medical expenses for partial out-of-pocket items and non-NHI foreigners)” on behalf of the New Taipei City Government. This amount has been reimbursed in full by the New Taipei City Government. The payout schedule was as follows: 
(1) First payout amounted to NT $8.23 million, reimbursed on August 27, 2015. 
(2) Second payout amounted to NT $68.81 million, reimbursed on the October 29, 2015. 
(3) Third payout amounted to NT $52.16 million, reimbursed on the November 13, 2015. 
The NHI Administration’s payments for medical expenses on behalf of the New Taipei City Government have been completed. As the number of victims in hospitals and hospitals treating victims has diminished, subsequent hospital requests for non-NHI items shall be made directly with the New Taipei City Government. 

The medical treatment conditions of the 453 victims discharged prior to November 16, 2015 are as follows: 
(1) There were 398 victims that received follow-up outpatient burn treatment (88%). Of which, 186 patients simultaneously underwent rehabilitation treatment. Additionally, 17 patients with functional impairments have been accepted into Burn Post-Acute Care (BPAC) plan. 
(2) There were 55 victims that showed no subsequent medical records for burn treatment. Of which 30 victims have made general outpatient visits. Only 25 victims show no outpatient records (5.5%). 
The aforementioned statistics show that the majority of the victims of the Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion were young people, and recovery conditions continue to improve. Currently, the NHI is continuing to cover the expenses for necessary medical care. 
Since the occurrence of the Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion, resources have been received by parties in various sectors, and NHI has continued to provide medical assistance in anticipation that appropriate rescue and medical care can continue to be provided to burn victims, helping them rapidly recover and return to their normal lives.