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Department of Medical Affairs

  • Data Source:Department of Medical Affairs
  • Created:2018-01-25
  • Last Updated:2019-04-16

Division 1: Medical Laws and Regulations

  1. Draft Medical Care Act and relevant regulations
  2. Draft regulations related to medical personnel
  3. Management and consulting of medical personnel registration, and supervision of continuing education
  4. Drafting and management of medical institution establishment standards
  5. Disciplinary guidelines and penalties for doctors and pharmacists
  6. Interpret regulations of medical advertisements and related affairs
  7. Qualification assessment of new medical personnel special examinations
  8. Electronic medical record and medical information management regulations
  9. Other affairs related to medical management regulations

Division 2: Medical Quality and Hospital Accreditation

  1. Planning and execution of hospital and teaching hospital accreditation
  2. Medical resources planning and reviewing
  3. Supervision and management of medical quality and patient safety
  4. Business management and consulting of public and private medical institutions
  5. Planning and management of medical regional consulting and medical resources integration
  6. Medical waste management
  7. Other affairs related to hospital management

Division 3: Emergency Medical Care

  1. Drafting and implementation of emergency medical services system policy
  2. Regulations and business management of emergency medical services
  3. Disaster prevention and emergency response
  4. Supervision and management of disaster medical care
  5. National defense mobilization and health mobilization
  6. Medical development foundation grants and subsidies
  7. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) related affairs; planning and management of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) implementation
  8. Medical substitute workforce planning and management
  9. Other affairs related to emergency medical care

Division 4: Legal Entity Management and Medical Care Dispute Resolution

  1. Supervision and consulting of juridical persons in medical care, medical care corporate, medical care corporations and civil associations
  2. Committee of medical care dispute assessment
  3. Formulate and implement regulations related to medical affairs dispute processing
  4. Review of medical malpractice and injury relief
  5. Medical care innovation and development
  6. Medical management affairs not covered by other divisions

Division 5: Medical Personnel Management

  1. Medical workforce planning, control and coordination
  2. Medical personnel certification
  3. Planning and promotion of general medical training system
  4. Planning and promotion of specialist systems
  5. Planning and promotion of clinical training system for medical personnel
  6. Medical education reform related affairs
  7. Medical ethics related affairs
  8. Medical licensing, clinical teaching practice and continuing medical education for certified foreigners and overseas Chinese
  9. Foster human resources (doctors) in neglected specialties
  10. State financed doctors training and assignments
  11. Medical personnel qualification assessment
  12. Other affairs related to medical workforce management

Division 6: Biomedical Technology and Organ Donation

  1. Medical service internationalization and related affairs
  2. Organ donation consent form
  3. Institutional Review Board(IRB) interview and joint field research with other medical service
  4. Biobank management and tegulation
  5. Medical radiology and investigative institution quality control
  6. Human research and experimentation
  7. Organ transplantation regulation and related affairs(including import/export application)
  8. Specific medical technology and hazardous medical device
  9. Other related affairs