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Department of Social Insurance

  • Data Source:Department of Social Insurance
  • Created:2018-01-25
  • Last Updated:2019-04-16

National Pension Insurance:

Systems and Finance

  1. National Pension Act implementation and related legal systems
  2. National Pension Insurance actuarial review and approval
  3. Review and approve the budget (financial statement) of the National Pension Insurance insurers’ wages and administrative expenses
  4. Financial planning on National Pension Insurance raising financial resources, and adjusting the premium rate
  5. Utilize and manage the National Pension Insurance Fund; supervise and administer trusted agencies
  6. Supervise and manage public lottery proceeds allocated to the National Pension fund
  7. Implement and manage the establishment of National Pension Supervisory Committee (NPSC)
  8. Related affairs concerning NPSC

Underwriting and Payments

  1. Supervise and oversee underwriting; calculate and collect National Pension premium; and National Pension payment
  2. Supervise and manage combine payments of National Pension and Old-Age Benefits of Labor Insurance; dun overdue premium and over payment and transfer bad debts; penalty execution
  3. Adjust monthly National Pension Insurance amount; supervise and manage payments in installments or postponements of payments; applications of deductible insurance benefits
  4. Guidelines for mentally/physically disability pension payment and the supervision and management of the payments
  5. Collect excessive old-age citizens' welfare allowances; supervise and administer citizens’ rights of claiming benefits
  6. Premium subsidy for the National Pension insured persons whose income fails to reach certain standards
  7. Promotion and orientation for National Pension Insurance

National Health Insurance (NHI):

Organization and Laws

  1. Overall planning and investigation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) system and laws
  2. Commonality of health insurance related rules with the National Health Insurance Act
  3. NHI underwriting and related affairs
  4. NHI organizational planning and operation
  5. Related to the National Health Insurance Committee (NHIC) and the National Health Insurance Dispute Mediation Committee; general administrative supervision of Insurer
  6. NHI subrogation related affairs
  7. Legal matters and legal assistance for each division

Insurance Financial Business

  1. NHI financial system planning and promotion
  2. Promulgate NHI premium adjustments
  3. Draft and amend NHI monthly insured amount and Payroll Bracket Table
  4. NHI premium contribution ratios and premium relating to dependents
  5. Financial assistance to the underprivileged for NHI premium and financial resources related matters
  6. Matters concerning NHI premiums borne by government
  7. Public welfare lottery, the health and welfare surcharge on tobacco and alcoholic products, and reserve fund relating to NHI.
  8. Study, draft and amend NHI supplementary premium

Benefits and Payments

  1. NHI benefits and related business
  2. Plan the NHI payment system
  3. NHI payment standards for medical care and related business
  4. Self-payment for NHI special medical supply and related business
  5. NHI annual global budget and related business
  6. NHI pharmaceutical benefits and payments related affairs
  7. NHI pharmaceutical procurement contracts and related business
  8. NHI medical expense claims and reviews
  9. Business relating to NHI resource allocation and health technology assessment

Service system and Quality

  1. Regulations governing the National Health Insurance medical care and related affairs.
  2. Regulations governing contracting and management of National Health Insurance medical care institutions and related affairs. 
  3. Regulations governing the production and issuance of the National Health Insurance IC card and data storage and related affairs.
  4. Regulations for National Health Insurance reimbursement of the self-advanced medical expenses and related affairs
  5. Regulations governing the exemption of the National Health Insurance beneficiaries from the co-payment and related affairs
  6. Regulations for providing medical benefits for occupational injury insurance (which is tasked by the insurer of the Labor Insurance) and related affairs
  7. Improvement proposals for controlling inappropriate use of medical resources and related affairs
  8. Regulations governing the public information related to financial status and health care

Other Social Insurance:

Social Insurance Research and Planning

  1. Study and plan social insurance systems
  2. Investigate social insurance strategies, long-term care services and medical service cooperation
  3. Social insurance related surveys, research, estimation and data maintenance
  4. Development and validation of social insurance assessment tools
  5. Distinction between payments on social insurance services and NHI
  6. Study medical technology applications on social insurance