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Review Meetings of the ROC’s Initial Report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child

  • Data Source:Social and Family Affairs Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2017-11-24
  • Last Updated:2017-11-24

The Review Meeting of the ROC’s Initial Report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child concluded today (November 24) with a Presentation of Concluding Observations press conference held at the Howard Civil Service International House in Taipei. Over the past three days of review meetings, the International Review Committee held discussions with government agencies, NGOs, and child representatives, out of which were produced 97 concluding observations on children’s rights issues in Taiwan, observations that were presented at today’s press conference.


The press conference was hosted by Wan-I Lin, minister without portfolio of the Executive Yuan, who on behalf of the Taiwan government accepted the concluding observations from the International Review Committee. Concluding observations were presented in an introduction, recognition of international human rights treaties, and main areas of concern and recommendations. In the way of an introduction, the review committee first acknowledged the sincere efforts of the Taiwanese government in implementing the convention, as well as thanking government agencies, NGOs, and child representatives for their participation in the process.


Overall the observations raised by the committee were inclusive of several important areas, including the prioritization of the CRC, development of a national plan of action, establishment of an independent monitoring institution, implementation of the right to non-discrimination, and protection of their freedom of expression; they also included individual sections on civil rights and freedoms, family environment and alternative care, basic health and welfare, education, culture, and special protective measures.


Lin expressed his gratitude to the International Review Committee for traveling such a long distance to Taiwan to review Taiwan’s Initial Report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. He also extended his thanks to the NGO and child representatives for their contribution to the initial report and review meeting. During the course of the conference he promised that the Executive Yuan will urge each of its agencies to implement the concluding observations and give an account of their progress in the next report and review meeting for the assessment of relevant fields. fields.