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Care Right Away Project

  • Data Source:Department of Social Assistance and Social Work
  • Created:2015-01-30
  • Last Updated:2018-09-19

Description: As an initiative to enhance care for the disadvantaged in the society, the “Care Right Away Project of Emergency Relief Implementation” has been launched, in which the details of the emergency and difficult living circumstances in a case are confirmed through a visiting team. Those fulfilling the criteria will be given a care relief payment ranging from NT$10,000 to NT$30,000, ensuring the most timely care and support for disadvantaged citizens who are in need of help. The Ministry urges community development associations to take spontaneous action in identifying and reporting the cases that need help, and working as members of the visiting team with the spirit of communal mutual help, in order to provide emotional support for families in emergent and difficult positions. Criteria for subsidy: The project is aimed at any one of the following situations: 1. Death, , serious injury or illness, unemployment of the major breadwinner of a family, or his/her being reported missing, or his/her inability to work due to other reasons, resulting in the family being caught in a difficult position. 2. Other major changes that may cause difficulties in the family’s life. Method of application: Anyone may report a case: The person facing an emergent or difficult position himself/herself, his/her relatives, the chief of village, the community, school, relevant organization, agency, or group, etc. may help by reporting a case. Help desks everywhere to attend to cases: On top of the existing undertaking units including municipal and county (city) governments, and Township (City/District) Offices, a total of 7,827 village offices nationwide are also included as the reporting and help desks of emergency relief cases, effectively increasing the channels through which people may seek help. Therefore, citizens who are facing emergencies and difficulties themselves, their relatives, the village, community, school, relevant organizations, agencies, or groups may apply to the Village Office, Township (City/District) Office, or Social Affairs Bureau (Department) of the municipal and county (city) governments for emergency relief or reporting a case.