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Sharing and Exchanging the International Healthcare Cooperation Experiences and Achievements of Taiwan

  • Data Source:Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2015-12-15
  • Last Updated:2017-01-10

Today (15th), the Ministry of Health and Welfare hosted the “2015 International Healthcare and Humanitarian Aid Seminar.” In addition to inviting the various hospitals and executive branches for international healthcare and humanitarian aid, experiential exchanges were promoted through thematic presentations, benchmarking, and discussions, enhancing the quality of international healthcare and humanitarian aid activities in Taiwan. 
This year, the organizers arranged designated display areas for international healthcare cooperation and humanitarian aid publications, highlighting the achievements of various international healthcare activities completed by various domestic departments. Through the efforts of these departments, the advanced healthcare knowledge and technologies of Taiwan can be shared with the world, expanding diplomatic spaces and elevating the global exposure of Taiwan. The Ministry hopes that through the sharing of experiences and achievements among the participating departments, public and private medical resources can be effectively coordinated and integrated to promote Taiwan’s medical and public health soft power and benefit the world. 
The Taiwanese government has focused efforts on providing foreign aid in terms of healthcare. In 2002, the Ministry commissioned Taipei Hospital to establish the Taiwan International Healthcare Training Center. Following 13 years of efforts, the Center has fostered over 1,100 healthcare professionals across 53 countries. In 2005, the Ministry initiated the Global Medical Instruments Support and Services Program. At present, the program has provided 3,400 pieces of medical equipment for foreign aid, benefiting 31 countries. In 2006, the Ministry collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in founding Taiwan International Health Action (TaiwanIHA). At present, this initiative has conducted 24 international emergency humanitarian and healthcare aid missions. In 2007, the Ministry established Taiwanese medical centers in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Solomon Islands to engage in a number of long-term public healthcare projects, including improving chronic disease healthcare awareness in communities, establishing a laboratory and providing training for the testing and treatment of dengue fever, training obstetrics and gynecology healthcare staff, and screening for parasites. In 2014, the Ministry further accepted the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the implementation of the “Medical Cooperation Project Between Taiwan and its Pacific Allies.” The Ministry commissioned medical groups to provide medical services based on local needs. In addition, the Ministry also funded medical service and cooperation projects in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. The departments involved in the aforementioned projects were invited to share their experiences and views at the seminar. Their achievements, relevant publications, and posters were presented in the display area to be shared with the seminar participants. 
The Director of the Ministry, Mr. Chiang Been-Huang, especially thanked the various medical departments and organizations at the seminar for their efforts and for their support of international healthcare. He anticipates that this spirit will continue to burn bright in future generations, allowing the love and capacity of Taiwan’s healthcare to continue to spread across the world and making Taiwan a leader in global healthcare development. The Director further encouraged other medical institutes to join the Ministry in providing international healthcare and humanitarian aid and helping Taiwan promote its unrivaled love and medical skills worldwide, thereby expanding Taiwan’s healthcare diplomacy and elevating the global exposure of Taiwan.