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Enhancing Nursing Institutions’ Quality of Care and Sustaining Public Health Safety and Quality; the Results of the 2015 General Nursing Home and Post-natal Care Institution Evaluation are Out!

  • Data Source:Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Created:2015-12-25
  • Last Updated:2017-01-10

With the arrival of aging and the aged society, the demand for long-term care is soaring. In order to improve the care quality and management of nursing institutions, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has made efforts in enhancing the quality of nursing homes. General nursing home evaluation has been implemented since 2009. Social changes and changes in such factors as family structure have led to an increase in the number of double-income families and the gradual weakening of some traditional family functions. The number of post-natal care institutions has greatly increased, and post-natal care institution evaluation has been implemented since 2013. Participating in nursing institution evaluation may promote and enhance safety and quality management of nursing institutions, which is essential to all residents, institutions, and administration authorities. 

From 2013 to 2015, 479 general nursing homes received an evaluation, and 454 of them passed; 186 post-natal care institutions were evaluated from 2013 to 2015, and 173 of them passed. In 2015 alone, 293 general nursing homes and 53 post-natal care institutions underwent an evaluation. Evaluation results of these general nursing homes and post-natal care institutions were announced on December 25, 2015 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, for people’s reference when choosing a nursing institution. 

The Nursing Personnel Act was amended and promulgated on January 14, 2015 to improve the quality of nursing institutions and protect people’s nursing rights when they receive services. Under the act, nursing institutions are legally required to be evaluated and cannot refuse evaluation; the improvement and withdrawal mechanisms for institutions that fail the evaluation have also been instituted to ensure the safety and quality of nursing care, creating a triple win situation for the people, nursing institutions, and the government! 

The Ministry of Health and Welfare reminded and urged citizens to choose a legally registered general nursing home or post-natal care institution for receiving care and service, in order to protect the health of you and your family. Citizens may read the attachment, or go to the Ministry’s website if they want to refer to this year’s (2015) evaluation results for general nursing homes and post-natal care institutions. They should look for “Announcements” (URL:, pathway: Home→Announcements); “Evaluation of General Nursing Homes” page under the Ministry’s Department of Nursing and Health Care (URL:, pathway: Home→Department of Nursing and Health Care Homepage→Evaluation of General Nursing Homes page); and “Evaluation of Post-natal Care Institutions” page (URL:, pathway: Home→Department of Nursing and Health Care Homepage→Evaluation of Post-natal Care Institutions page).