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About the Minister

  • Data Source:Chief Secretary Office
  • Created:2017-07-27
  • Last Updated:2020-12-18

Shih-Chung Chen, Minister of Health and Welfare

Shih-Chung Chen
Minister of Health and Welfare



D.D.S, School of Dentistry, Taipei Medical College              1971-1977



Minister of Health and Welfare                                                2017.02.08-

National Policy Advisor to the President                                 2016-2017.02

Director, Taipei Medical University                                          2004-2017.02

Consultant , Taiwan Dental Association                                  1999-2005  2009-2017.02

Consultant, Taipei City Dentists Association                           1999-2005  2009-2017.02

Deputy Minister, Department of Health, Executive Yuan        2005-2008

Commissioner, National Health Insurance Medical                 1996-2008

Expenditure Negotiation Committee, DOH

Commissioner, National Health Insurance Supervisory           1996-1999  2005-2006

Committee, DOH


Executive director, chief executive officer ,Taiwan Dental        1999-2005


Commissioner, Dentist Advisory Committee, DOH                   1993-1998  1999-2000

President, Taiwan Dental Association                                          1995-1999

Commissioner, medical review committee, Taipei City Health  1995-1996


President, Taipei City Dentists Association                                 1993-1995

Executive director, Taipei City Dentists Association                    1991-1993

Director, Taipei City Dentists Association                                    1987-1990