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The Deputy Ministers
Last update:2014/10/08
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Tzou-Yien Lin(Acting Minister)
Data Source:Ministry of Health and Welfare

Tzou-Yien Lin
Tzou-Yien Lin, M.D.
Political Deputy Minister

《Education & Training》
1966-1973 M.D., Taipei Medical College
1981-1982 Fellow, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Buffalo Children’s Hospital, State University of New York at Buffalo
1982-1984 Fellow, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Children’s Medical Center, Dallas University of Texas Heath Science Center at Dallas

《Academic appointment》
˙Deputy Minister, Department of Health, The Executive Yuan
˙Professor, Chang Gung University College of Medicine
˙Superintendent, Chang Gung Children,s Hospital
˙Attending Pediatrician, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital & Chang Gung Children,s Hospital

《Academic affiliations》
˙President, Taiwan Pediatric Association, April 2005~May 2008
˙President, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan Jan. 2009~2012
˙Chairman, Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan
˙Member & Convener, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), Department of Health, Taiwan
˙Member & Convener, Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), Department of Health, Taiwan

《Research interests》
Clinical pediatric infectious diseases, clinical virology, vaccinology

《Publications selected》

˙Over 317 monographs